Table of Contents

1. Vendor
2. Vendor-neutral

There are two types of certification available today, vendor and vendor-neutral.

1. Vendor

There are vendors who offer training and certification in their technologies.

When tests are used to qualify practitioners prior to certification, the certificates carry more weight; but the value of certification in our sphere is still argued.

The ability to rapidly assimilate and apply knowledge, to get things done, to keep services running and users and management happy - those are the ultimate test of a system administrator.

Certification does not hurt.

Vendor certificate programs

  • Red Hat
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • Cisco

2. Vendor-neutral

There are non-profit organizations that administer tests and issue certificates.

They test hard skills (like to how to setup a user account or mount a network file system), not soft skills (such as keeping a meeting on track when emotions get heated, or obtaining information from non-cooperative colleagues).

Vendor-neutral certificate programs